Life goes by in an unbroken flow before us.

To fix a piece of it in an image, this is the picture that gives us the possibility to stop the time and to look what happened in a certain time, in a certain space, today, forever.

I don’t know when exactly photography becomes art.
But I think that there must be certainly an idea behind a real photographer.

The emotion of a very special picture, part of its wonder and the amazement the it offers, the black and white picture, the present that becomes past, the emotion of a moment, it is precisely in this fantastic freeze frame, and in its silent gift…

Every time I take a picture I try to capture the moment, the situation I belive is the most beautiful at that moment, and I’d like my pictures viewer to relive the same emotions that I experienced when I’ve taken it.

Everything beautiful, everything special, everything gets me across, everything attract my attention is the subject for my shots.

What I prefer is the sea with its perpetual motion and never alike himself, at any time of the day, from the dawn to the sunset, and why not is a beautiful full moon night…

Hope you love my works as much as I do. Please enjoy your stay.

Michele Illuzzi


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